So who are we?

The Pukka Chukkas were formed in 2008 and we compete as a Commonwealth Team in the World Elephant Polo Championships.

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And what do we do?

Other than playing polo under the auspices of the World Elephant Polo Association, we raise money for Charities and other worthy causes.

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And why do we do it?

We support the Multiple Sclerosis Society, BRINOS, Tears for Tigers, ITNC and Freedom Matters.

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Welcome to the home of the Pukka Chukkas

The 33rd renewal of the WEPA World Championships will be held at the end of November 2014 at Tiger Tops Karnali, on the edge of the Bardia National Park in South Western Nepal.

The Pukka Chukkas, still revelling in their victory in the WEPA Olympic Quaich in 2013, are looking to go one better this year, although the competition is stiffer than ever with EFG Bank, the current holders, having once again recruited from the professional horse polo ranks to bolster their already impressive line up, and Equestrio Arabia once again likely to receive a favourable handicap despite their prowess and strength in depth.

2014 sees the welcome return of Kristjan Edwards captaining the Tiger Tops Tuskers. There are also three new teams, the Pareto Pirates captained by Bjorn Aune, Sri Lanka captained by Tim Edwards, and a South African Springbok team.

Roll on the 2014 World Championships....we will try and update this page as the tournament progresses!

We want to thank our sponsors,ToleHouse - Australia's market leading provider of tailored risk management solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry.


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Acumen Energy Bicycle Polo

The 4th Annual Acumen Energy Pukka Chukkas MS Bicycle Polo Cup was played in front of huge crowds with games played over three days - The defending Champions, the Pukka Chukkas, showed tremendous early form but were squeezed out in the final.

Money was raised towards the fight against elephant tuberculosis, which is an increasing problem amongst elephants in Nepal and India, and the twelve bikes used in the tournament were donated to local schools and social clubs.

Overall, the total raised for charities and good causes, since The Pukka Chukkas were formed in 2008, is now over US$ 150,000 - thank you everybody!

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